About Us

"In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful".

The Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh was set up at the end of 2005 by a group of Muslim women who found a lack of social activities for women and their families in Edinburgh.

This group, run entirely by volunteers, works with women and their families in Edinburgh and the Lothians to build a stronger community through education and social activities.

Meet the MWAE team


MWAE Volunteers 

Our thanks to all our volunteers

without whom MWAE would not be what it is today            

The MWAE Committee

 Huda - Chair

Aisha  - Secretary

Mehreen/Tasneem   - Treasurer

Sandra - Monthly circle co ordinator

Neimah Safi - Social seekers co ordinator

Saher Ali - Fayme co ordinator

Toddler Group Organisers

Saima, Raghed, Nour and Anam

Baraka Youth group Organisers

Asma, Kenza, Renad, Sandra, Tasneem

Monthly Circle

Sandra, Aisha, Heyam, Faiqa

Little Muslims Admin

Huda, Alawiyya, Mehreen, Tasneem, Solaf



Little Muslims Teachers

Noor, Lynda, Arif, Rania, Iman, Kenza, Raghed, Sunna, Nour, Sawsen, Miriam, Hamza, Mohammed, Shahed and Dania

Little Muslims Volunteers

Renad, Zainedine, Hiba, Jenna

Homework Club

Rashad, Ubaida, Hassan, Alawiyya, Tasneem

Singles Socials

Heyam, Shaf, Huda, Neimah, Taslima

Social Seekers

Neimah, Maram, Renad and Hiba

Social Seekers Junior

 Saher, Shifa, Aisha, Yusra and Fariha

Gardening Club At Edinburgh Central Mosque

Gardening Heroes

Sisters book club

Sarah, Suzie, Mehreen

Sisters Social