MWAE Social gathering for Syrian families at Iqra Academy

Mara Menzies Storyteller captivating the children Mara Menzies Storyteller captivating the children

Asalaam Alaikum, we would like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful people who made it possible to host a social gathering for our Syrian refugee families on Sat 19th Dec.


Iqra academy, volunteers who helped with Arabic translation, volunteers who bought & made food, volunteers who helped serve food and look after the children, Mara Menzies storyteller, Henna hand painting artists, Facepainting artists and Arifa’s Kitch

A chance to play at last A chance to play at last

A comment from one of the translators about the Syrian mums attending the social:


“A few of them were telling me that upon their arrival they were feeling so low that they thought about going back to Lebanon, this was because they felt so lonely here and isolated and very overwhelmed with relocation etc. but because of events like today's it got them to open up and enjoy being here (an old lady told me that for years she never smiled in Lebanon out of sadness, but this event made her smile wide and happy). I spoke to some of the families who took the bus home after the event, they arrived safely home and were very thankful for the event.”