Past Events

Here you will find many of the past events MWAE has put on

























Previous Years

Friday Stall

MWAE Friday Stall would take place on Fridays after Jumma prayer at the Edinburgh Central Mosque. The stall would have tasty treats made by our volunteers. And money made would go towards helping our Brothers and Sisters all around the world!

The poster for a 2015 event about Palestine and the opportubity to try Palestinian tasty treats!


Womens Day

In 2013 MWAE put on a day of fun organised by the women of the diverse community of Edinburgh. The event was to celebrate the contribution and importance of women in our lives today and in the history of our cultures. 

The event encouraged people to... from Afirca, Japenese, Indian and Turkish origins from around the world and special guest performance from Jenny & CO.

Make...Arts & crafts for all including Oragami.

Learn...about the World Women's Movement with guest speakers Pat Smith (Socialist Worker's Party) and Luke Henderson (Unite Against Fascism).

Join in...with toe tapping fun in a Kurdish dance workshop and sample African fashion.

Encourage...contributions and entertainment from the younger members of our community.

Islamophobia Awareness Conference

MWAE joined with Stop the War, SACC, Unite Against Fascism and Radio Ramadan Edinburgh to put on an Islamophobia Awareness Conference. This event had the following speakers:

Yvonne Ridley – Journalist and War Correspondent

Inayat Banglawala – Former Media secretary of Muslim Council of Britain (

Craig Murray – Former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan

Eddie Truman – co-founders of

Margaret Woods – Unite Against Fascism, Scotland



Taught by the Pen Festival

In 2011, MWAE and Radio Ramadan Edinburgh teamed up to present the Taught by the Pen Festival. The purpose of the festival was to bring together Edinburgh communities to share culture, traditions, writings and history of the Muslim people that have contributed to our lives.

The festival lasted 5 days. Each day had a different theme and guest speaker:

Children's Day - Stories, Poetry Competition, Art Activities and guest storyteller Michael Williams

When Muslims came to Britain's Aid - Secret History from WW1 and WW2 with guest speaker Jahan Mahmood a historian from Birmingham University

Poetry that moved a continent - Talk about Sir Muhummad Iqbal who is a poet and philosopher by Shaykha Halima Krausen (German Translator of Quran & Hadith).

Thinkers of the Golden Age of Islam - A talk about ibn Sina, ibn Rushd and their legacy. The talk was led by Shaykha Halima Krausen and Rabbi Mark Solomon.

Poems from Prison - This talk was about Talha Ahsan who had been unconvicted for 3 years in prison in the US. It was led by Aamer Anwar, AL Kennedy, Tam Dean Burn.

Ramadan Talk

MWAE invited Muslim women to an inspirational and informative talk by Maryam AlRasbi. The talk was all about the theme Preparing for Ramadan.

Love Culture Hate Racism

MWAE with Unite Against Facism have held many fun and lively Love Culture Hate Racism events. There was music from Rise and Jit Jive Band, World Cuisine, Henna Hand Painting, Kids Entertainment and much more.

Bird Watch Walk

In 2014, with the Greenspace Trust, MWAE held a bird watch walk. There was an opportunity to explore the nearby woodland with a guide.

The teen girls had a fantastic time at Social Seekers. All girls between 13 and 17 are welcome to attend.